Marketing and Branding

The Bigbucks apple variety is to be marketed as FLASH GALA™ – under strict quality control regulations – and promotional material must carry the FLASH GALA™ logo.

Branded packaging material is compulsory for the marketing of 1st and 2nd grade – both export and SA local. Please download and forward the artwork below to your preferred manufacturer and/or printing company.


Sticker on fruit

Trimmed size dimensions:
Width: 22 millimeters
Height: 17 millimeters

Carton design

Colour codes

Download PDF colour guide or click on the buttons below to copy the codes.

Branding requirements

Do not alter or resize or cover FlashGala logo

1. The logo

The logo should not be altered, resized or covered up in any way.

Carton with co-branding on the ends

2. Co-branding

Co-branding to be placed on the carton ends only.

Safety space that equals 200% the size of the logo

3. Safety space

When using the logo with other graphic elements, maintain a safety space that equals 200% the size of the logo.

Do not register a domain containing flash gala etc

4. Domains

Do not register a domain containing the words "flash gala" (including misspellings, transliterations or similar variations).

5. The marketing message

As a general rule, the messages that you should aim to convey in all instances are:
"Our Bigbucks trees will soon be bearing some crisp and sweet FLASH GALA™ apples."

General info

By using the FLASH GALA™ brand, you agree to follow these guidelines. We reserve the right to cancel, modify or change the guidelines at any time after due consultation with the marketing committee of the SA Bigbucks Association. For further information, please contact us.

Royalty rates

According to the Producer and Marketing Agreements, a fruit royalty of US$0.03 per kilogram for exports and R0.30 per kilogram for local 1st and 2nd grade marketable fruit is payable by producers who have planted Bigbucks trees.