Look out for the following main characteristics of the variety to ensure that you have planted Bigbucks trees:

Full red blush of Bigbucks fruit versus Royal Gala striation

The fruit

Colour is everything and the apples should be a full wine red or a paler cherry red with no stripes. The fruit has a typical Gala flavour and texture and budwood is normally cut as close as possible to the fruit.

The distinct pink-red centrl vein of a typical Bigbucks leaf (on the left)

The leaves

The distinct pink-red central vein of a typical Bigbucks leaf becomes very pronounced from about the end of February. Keep in mind, however, that other varieties might also show this central red vein later in the season and that you don't use this characteristic as the main means of identifying a Bigbucks tree.

Deep crimson colour at the base of the Bigbucks blossom

The flowers

To ensure that your Bigbucks trees are true to type, look for the deep crimson colour at the base of the blossom after the petals have dropped. Compared with standard Royal Gala the fruitlets show a dark red colour seven to ten days after petal drop.